Meet the Characters

Zuko, Allie Puff, and Friends

NAME: Zuko
BREED: Miniature pinscher
LIKES: Eating yummy stuff & playing
DISLIKES: Having to pay attention
SUPERPOWERS: Flight, speed, speech, super-breath

NAME: Allie Puff
BREED: Maltese
LIKES: Wearing bows & solving problems
DISLIKES: When others aren’t paying attention
SUPERPOWERS: Knowledge, size-shifting, speech

NAME: Tay and Spike
BREED: Chihuahua
LIKES: Mentoring super puppies
DISLIKES: Having to say good-bye
SUPERPOWERS: Teleportation and travel through walls, space, and time

Inspiration Behind the Characters

The real-life Zuko belongs to Tonya’s daughter. His agility and speedy movements reminded Tonya of the cartoon superheroes of her childhood.
Tay and Spike, the super puppies’ mentor friends, were inspired by Tonya’s own tiny Chihuahuas.

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