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Superpower Practice

Book 3

Zuko and Allie Puff need to practice using their powers. But when practice turns into the real thing, will these super puppies be ready to put their powers to work?

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As a mental health therapist, it’s refreshing to see a positive series of books that encourage children to build confidence by practicing virtues that lead to being a good human.

This book series is an excellent example of how to develop, practice, and demonstrate the virtues of being a good person. Zuko, Allie Puff, and their friends are adorable, but more importantly, they’re smart, generous, honest, and kind. These are the virtues we often expect children to learn by example and it’s clearly defined in the book series.

These books aid children in recognizing that they have to practice their talents, that they’ll feel better when they help others, and that perfection is not the goal in life. The building blocks of Aristotle’s virtues are clear, they’re adapted in a fun and exciting way. It’s easily adapted for children to understand. ”

Meredith Evans

“Initially I was attracted by the illustration, like most children are, but then the whimsy and likeability of Zuko and Allie Puff charmed me. I would be very interested in future books by Tonya Flores to read to my nieces and nephews. Because of teaching moments included and because of the gentleness and safety of the stories, this book is highly recommendable.

Any family member or teacher who is interested in not only entertaining but in enlightening their young ones will find this book of great value. The virtues of moderation in all of activities, as espoused by Aristotle, are the lynchpins upon which the are built. Zuko, Allie Puff, and Aristotle: who could ask for anything more?”

Tom Galvin

“The book keeps children engaged and wanting more! It’s perfect for children who love adventure and puppies! The vocabulary is excellent, and it will teach your child a few new words all while they explore and have fun.”

Joanna Alvarado Parent

“As a teacher, you can make or break a child’s future, so I think the idea of these values is tremendous in so many ways. That’s why I love the books, they’re all about empowering students.

The fact that Tonya took this on is very powerful, and that’s what we need in our world right now- for children to believe that they can do anything. If children and teachers can understand how important all of these virtues are, the world would be a better place."

Kristi Jacobi Teacher

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