Teachers Shape Good Students By Tapping Into Aristotle’s 8 Virtues

Cheerful female teacher outside with a multicultural group of children

Why Aristotle’s Virtues Shape Good Students I use Aristotelian virtues in my picture books because they can help children develop into the best version of themselves. This post explores how each of the virtues can be applied in the classroom. According to Meredith Evans, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Aristotelian virtues are “the building […]

Why Regular Reading with Children Is So Important!

Mom and child reading a book on the floor

The benefits of reading books with children Reading with children invites communication, bonding, and shared experiences. Whether you are reading to a classroom or snuggled up with your kiddo at the end of the day, reading together has many benefits. The shared reading experience happens even in groups. For example, teachers read aloud to help […]

Ancient Secrets to Help Your Children Be the Best They Can Be!

Happy multicultural school kids

Do you want to know the eight secrets to helping your children be the best they can be? Well, they’re not exactly secrets—but “eight of Aristotle’s virtues” sounds like homework!  As parents, we all want to raise happy, confident adults. We lay the groundwork when our children are young, but it can take time to […]