About the Author

Meet Tonya

After working in adult education for over 20 years, author Tonya Flores is delighted to now have time to pursue her dream of supporting social-emotional learning and life skills education through children’s picture books.

Tonya’s core philosophy is based on Aristotle’s virtues, which encourage individuals to strive to be the best version of themselves. Aristotle wanted people to embrace virtues such as bravery, truthfulness, confidence, wit, ambition, friendship, patience, and generosity. These secular virtues can act as a guide for building a life that’s full of happiness, fulfillment, and social responsibility.

Isn’t that what every parent wants for their kids?

Tonya wrote the Zuko and Allie Puff series to expand on the books that she loved when her own kids were young: books that could spark a child’s desire for a life full of learning, adventure, social and environmental responsibility, and kindness. And she wanted this series to be relatable to children from a wide range of backgrounds.

Kids can join the super puppies, Zuko and Allie Puff, as they acquire powers, go on missions, and learn to balance their everyday interests with their desire to make the world a better place.

Inspiration for the Series

Tay and Spike, the super puppies’ mentor friends, were inspired by Tonya’s own tiny Chihuahuas. And Zuko and Allie Puff’s personalities were inspired by Tonya’s children.

The real-life Zuko belongs to Tonya’s daughter. His agility and speedy movements reminded Tonya of the cartoon superheroes of her childhood.

But unlike those characters, her superheroes don’t battle villains.

They address important global issues.

Tonya hopes that Zuko and Allie Puff’s adventures can inspire a future scientist to find their own solutions to these issues!