Zuko and Allie Puff
are here to help!

There's SO many things in the world now, competing for our children's attention.

It can be tough to figure out how to raise kids well. Tough to talk about difficult subjects. Tough to help kids be HAPPY.

The Zuko and Allie Puff series was created to help parents just like you! And just like you, these super cute super puppies want your child to feel happy, confident, and secure about their place in the world.

Through adventurous books and fun companion resources, the Zuko and Allie Puff series introduces readers to Aristotle’s virtues in a playful, kid-friendly way!

About the Books

The Zuko & Allie Puff Series

The series begins when Zuko & Allie Puff find a mysterious meteorite in the park they can’t wait to investigate. It turns out a surprise is waiting that will change their lives forever!

Other Books in the Series

The Adventure starts now!

Become part of an incredible movement of parents who are learning how to inspire their kids, using Aristotle’s virtues.